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Terms and Conditions of Choozr services

1. Definitions

  • The Service is the Choozr digital body measuring and clothing size service.

  • The Service Provider, Choozr Group Ltd, owns Choozr services.

  • Partner means the Service Provider’s contract partner, online clothing store or other similar third party.

  • Customer means the person using the Services.

  • Mobile Application is the Choozr App used by the Customer.

  • The Cloud Service includes, among others, measurement details of Choozr service users, brand-specific measurement chart details and the size recommendation logic.

2. General

Choozr is a digital body measuring and clothing size guide service (hereafter, "Service") designed for Customers and Partners. The purpose of the Service is to offer user-specific body measurements and clothing brand-specific size recommendations to be utilized when shopping for clothing online.

These Terms and Conditions apply between the Service Provider and the Customer as well as to the use of the Service’s Mobile Application and Cloud Service. By using the Service, the Customer accepts these Terms and Conditions of the Service.

Requirements for using the Service in online clothing stores:

  1. Customer is an unregistered or registered user.

  2. Partner is the Service Provider’s client.

  3. The clothing brand / product group’s product selected by the Customer in an online clothing store is supported in the Service

3. Software and data connections

Use of the Service requires downloading the free Mobile Application on Google Play or App Store.

System requirements:

Android 10, or later

iOS 16, or later

, on a smart phone or tablet with a functional front-facing camera.

Using the latest OS and application versions available for devices is encouraged to ensure optimal performance, security, and compatibility. For iOS users, Choozr has been officially tested and is supported on devices running iOS 16 or later. For Android users, Choozr is compatible with devices running Android 10 or later. These are the minimum officially supported OS versions, and users are strongly encouraged to update their devices to these versions or newer to ensure the best possible user experience.

While Choozr may still function on older OS versions, we cannot guarantee full compatibility, stability, or support for these systems. Any use of Choozr on an OS older than the minimum requirements specified above is considered unofficial and at the user’s own risk. Choozr Group Ltd will not be responsible for any issues that may arise from using Choozr on an unsupported OS, and we may not be able to provide assistance or updates to address any potential problems.

Choozr Group Ltd reserves the right to update the minimum OS requirements at any time in order to improve the performance, security, and functionality of the application. It is the user’s responsibility to stay informed about the current minimum OS requirements and to ensure their device is up-to-date and compatible with the latest version of Choozr.

Use of the Service also requires any data software necessary for creating a connection and appropriate data connections, the cost of which is the Customer’s responsibility.

Error-free or disruption-free functionality of the software is not guaranteed. Service Provider or its Partners are under no circumstances responsible for any damages to the Customer’s computer systems or to any information on the computer systems, including data security risks (viruses, data theft, etc.).

4. Rights

All rights of the Service, including copyright, belong to the Service Provider or other Partners that submit information to the Service. Service Provider reserves all rights to the contents of the Service, unless otherwise specified in the Service.

Customer has no right to use the Service or any part of the Service to create another service.

5. Responsibilities

Service Provider is responsible for the content of the Service.

Service Provider is not responsible for direct or indirect damages, which result from the use of the Service or the inability to use the Service, or any related damages. Service Provider does not guarantee that there are no disruptions or errors in the Service.

Customer is responsible for providing correct information in the Service and for the delivery of this information.

Customer is responsible for ensuring that the use of the Service does not infringe any third party’s copyright or other protected rights and that the use of the Service complies with these Terms and Conditions, laws and public policy or accepted principles of morality, and that the use of the Service does not cause disturbance to the Service Provider, Service Provider’s Partners, other users or third parties.

Customer must, by all reasonable means, ensure that the information submitted does not contain viruses or any other harmful effects.

Customer may not change or remove any copyright notifications or other notifications of ownership displayed in the Service.

Customer may not change, amend, reverse engineer or create any derivative works based on the Service. Customer may not thoroughly research the creation method of the Service or disassemble or decrypt or otherwise attempt to find out its source code.

Customer agrees to compensate to the Service Provider or a third party any damages arising from the violation of this section of the Service.

Customer is responsible for ensuring that he/she possess any required copyrights and other rights to the information they submit. This means that the Customer him/herself has produced the information they submit, or that the people who produced the information or participated in the production of the information have relinquished any relevant copyrights to the Customer, and that they have consented to the storing of this information.

Customer must have consent from all people with profiles connected to the user account for the Service Provider to be able to utilize and process information as it deems necessary in order to develop the Service.

6. Processing of personal information

The Service collects and processes personal information. As the registrar, the Service Provider is responsible for lawfully processing this information.

The register descriptions are available at

Service Provider arranges for data security for the Service in accordance with the best practices and generally accepted standards in the industry. Relevant technological solutions are used in an effort to prevent unauthorized access to the Service Provider’s system. However, complete data protection cannot be guaranteed.

7. Changes

Service Provider reserves the right, at any time, for any reason and without prior notification, to change the Terms and Conditions of the Service or the content, availability and other features of the Service or to discontinue the Service altogether. Service Provider has the right to disrupt the availability of the Service for the duration of outages. Outages may occur due to maintenance, excessive load or any other reason.

8. Terminating the use of the Service

The use of the Service is terminated when the Customer deletes his/her user account from the Service and the Mobile Application from all of his/her devices.

After the user account has been deleted, the Service Provider takes care of the removal of all information related to the Customer’s user account or of the anonymization of the information, from all servers managed by the Service Provider.

9. Other conditions

In addition to these Terms and Conditions, the terms and conditions of Google Play and App Store must be taken into account.

The Service and these Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws of Finland. Any disputes arising from the use of the Service shall be settled in the Helsinki District Court.